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Connect with like-minded firms equipped to help you, and your clients, thrive.

Human connections powered by Advisor Match™ technology

Fast and Easy

It takes just 10 minutes to create a search profile. Tell us about the firm you’re looking for, and FA Match will do the rest.

High-Quality Matches

Advisor MatchTM  technology searches and ranks the firms that most closely meet your criteria. Our team of experienced recruiters vets for quality control.

100% Transparent

We’re in it for the advisor, period. That means no hidden fees or conflicts of interests – you’re in the driver’s seat.

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Fit Over Fee
FA Match is free for advisors. Firms pay a flat fee of $200/mo and a $10,000 Success Fee once an advisor is placed.
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How it Works

It all starts with one question: What’s Missing?

1. Create your profile

Tell us about you and what criteria are most important to your search. Size? Resources? Compensation structure? Transition support?

2. Compare Firms

Once our Advisor MatchTM technology identifies firms that meet your criteria, you’ll be notified of your top quality matches via a 1-3-star ranking system.

3. Make Connections

Once (and only once) you give us explicit permission to share your information, we'll connect you with your top firms. Use the Video Connect feature to set up a video call right inside the FA Match platform.

4. Shake On It

Ready to make a move? FA Match will assist you in negotiating a deal that's best for you and your clients, and provide resources to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Are you a firm looking to hire your next advisor?

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Introducing Video Connect

In a time where human connection is so important, we’ve made it easier for firms and advisors to initiate the first meeting. Once you show interest in the opposite party, you’ll have access to our Video Connect feature which provides a secure, virtual meeting room for you to connect -- no hassle required.

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We care about more than just the bottom line. Through FA Match's "10% for Good" program we support charity work. Each time an advisor gets placed at a new firm, FA Match donates 10% of the firm’s Success Fee to a charity of the advisor’s choice.
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"FA Match made it possible for me to speak directly to the founders/CEOs and determine if the partnership would be the right fit."

Henry Silva
Breakaway Advisor | Florida


"I’m forever grateful to Ryan and FA Match for guiding me through the most important career decision of my life."

Rick Garber
Breakaway Advisor | California

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FA Match is a two-way recruitment platform that is optimized for advisors to connect with RIA’s, broker-dealers, OSJ’s, and other financial services firms. Sign up now in just 10 minutes.